Tuesday, January 2, 2007

New year, same issues.

Back and still recovering from the jet lag. Italy is a beautiful country, the people are hospitable and the food, exquisite. Staying with an Italian family helped me move through the country fairly easy and stress free. I even passed by Berlusconi's "castle" in Portofino and walked along the walkway that he had built for himself by the sea so he would not have to jog on the road. I read about his visit to the US for his pacemaker placement, and not only did he forsake his own country's health care system, (in which his administration underfunded), he showed his gratitude by spewing sexist and derogatory remarks about "ugly" American nurses. Mr. B you are one class act. You will hear from me soon. Ciao.

The Washington Post reported on 12/25/2006 that college for health care professionals continues to bottle neck, refusing up to 2/3 of nursing school applicants for admission. Evidently the problem is not lack of interest..it is lack of funding. Colleges are not financially equipped to handle these students and there is a dearth of instructors. Registered nurses will make more money at the bedside than as teaching instructors. However there have been some effort put forth. For example, Timothy M Kaine (D) of North Virginia , proposed a 10% increase in nursing instructors salaries. The state was alloted $1.5 million funding for education of registered nurses. Great work.

And thank you Kaisernetwork.org for continuing to research and give the nursing profession the proper attention that it needs in the media and policy formation.


Mother Jones RN said...

I just found your blog. It's very interesting reading. I'll be back.


~RN Faye said...

Hi thanks for the comment! Glad to see you here. I'll see you the blogosphere soon...